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Recommended Web Hosting for the X Theme

by | Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017 | WordPress

If you wonder which web hosting provider you should use to host the ThemeForest’s X Theme, read on. I will explain you in this article which web hosting company I use.

First I’d like to mention that there are “managed” WordPress web hosting companies like e.g. WP Engine or PageLy and they are quite popular as well. However, their prices are high in my opinion. PageLy’s cheapest package costs $99 per month.

Because of this I rather prefer shared web hosting providers. I personally use BlueHost. I’m on the $3.95/mo package and am hosting with them my three X Theme websites (on one account). I don’t see any downsides of this web host. The only thing that’s different is that I need to update my WordPress plugins myself. But even this can be set to be performed automatically with WordPress.

BlueHost is also on the WordPress web hosts list on the official WP website listed as #1. I recommend them, too.

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